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Business Card Holder Phone Holder Lazy Phone Holder

Business Card Holder Phone Holder Lazy Phone Holder

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The lazy mobile phone holder can be used flexibly whether it is sitting or lying down. It can be used in bed, car navigator, camera, mobile phone, and psp. It is a multi-functional mobile phone and car gimbal holder.

It is the most simple and easy-to-use digital stand that can be used in the most comfortable way, making you too lazy to be healthy, too lazy to be comfortable, and too lazy to be thorough. Lazy Treasure, focus on user experience, excellent structural design, according to ergonomics, the participation of man-machine design concepts, allowing users to get a better user experience.


Product name: Candy color lazy phone holder
Product size: Bracket width 6cm vertical height 4.5cm
Product material: Plastic
Product weight: 16g
Product introduction: High-quality plastics are environmentally friendly and have no peculiar smell, suitable for placing mobile phones, fun and stable, come and liberate your hands

Package Content:

1*Plastic lazy phone holder

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